ISPD helps Catholic schools maintain and/or increase the quantity, quality, or diversity of your elementary or secondary Catholic school enrollment.  ISPD has delivered proven practical processes to engage thousands of Catholic school administrators, board members, diocesan school office officials, faculty, staff, parents, and volunteers.  Through both workshops and on-site consulting with individual schools and dioceses, ISPD emphasizes a variety of important focus areas – all intended to bring about immediate results.

Here are the top three ways that schools and dioceses utilize ISPD’s Enrollment Management Solutions:

1. Enrollment Assessment & Present Situation Analysis with Strategies for Moving Forward

  • One or two day site visit that reviews every aspect of a school’s enrollment program.  From the site visit, you receive a detailed report identifying next steps.
  • On-Site Assessment Options

2. 12 Month Enrollment Management Consult

  • ISPD offers an intensive 12 month consult that walks your school through every step in establishing a total system approach to Enrollment management
  • Details on our 12 Month Enrollment Management Consult

3. Topical Enrollment Management Workshops

  • ISPD has reached countless schools across the country with topical Enrollment Management workshops. These workshops focus on the key players in your Enrollment Management operation as well as the tactical types of actions that need to be implemented
  • Available Topical Workshops

Here are some other ISPD Services that you might want to employ in your Catholic school

Enrollment Market Study

  • Two-month engagement where your school’s internal and external markets are identified, surveyed, and analyzed to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Engaging and Training Staff, Faculty, Volunteers for a Relational Enrollment Program

  • One or Two Day training that focuses on engaging and training staff, faculty, and volunteers in the following relational initiatives…
  •  How to create a great experience during Open Houses, campus visits etc…
  • Writing testimonials and text for direct marketing promotional materials.
  •  How to telecounsel prospective students and parents
  •  How to create web based communication with prospective students and parents using staff, faculty, volunteers

Internet Strategies for Recruitment

  • Re-design web site navigation for all audiences, particularly your prospective students/families
  • Create web pages for prospective students/families
  • Re-write web copy for prospective students/families and enhance interactivity of website
  • Design and implement targeted email campaigns

Direct Marketing Strategies and Techniques

  • Plan a direct mail campaign including the identification of target markets.  Assist you in purchasing good address lists that reach your targeted market.  Help you design, write, and edit content for campaign.

Turning Inquiries/Prospects into Enrolled Students

  • Design, write, and edit follow-up contacts (9) for every inquiry, 6 contacts for every applicant, and 5 contacts for every accepted and/or enrolled student.
  • Work with school to launch follow-up system in either your existing database or in ACT Business Solutions Software.

Creating Quality Promotional Materials

  • Work with your graphic designer to design, re-design, write, edit all promotional materials for prospective student audience.

Retention:  From Student to Alum

  • Identify issues involving student retention and establish retention benchmarks.  Create action plan for increasing retention.