ISPD believes that all parishes need a comprehensive Long-Range Pastoral Plan that includes all areas of the parish – Liturgy and Worship, Education, Administration and Finance, Total Stewardship and Development, Facilities, Ministry Outreach, Youth and Family Life, Communication, and Sacramental Preparation. Beginning with an overall parish assessment by gathering quantitative and qualitative data, ISPD invites a representative Steering Committee of 15-18 people to help direct and facilitate the process. Pastoral planning leaders agree on the Planning Areas, invite 60-80 parishioners to be part of a Parish Planning Team and serve in one of those areas, and then set up 4-5 workshops in order to create the draft Plan.

As the process nears completion, with ISPD guidance and facilitation, parish leaders invite all parish families to attend a parish-wide Convocation where everyone is invited to share their best wisdom about the Plan. From that point, the final Plan is written and presented by ISPD and then implementation begins.