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I became involved in Catholic School Development in 1987 – as a development director. That was close to 30 years ago. I didn’t plan on it; I didn’t seek out this ministry; I didn’t go to school to learn about it. It just happened, and it became a perfect fit. And so the last 25+ years, I have spent my professional life as a consultant – working with Catholic schools, parishes and dioceses in Development/Advancement. Many lessons have been learned.

It was three years ago, as this company was approaching our 25th year in business that some of my colleagues – namely Dr. Michael Guillot and Dr. Regina Haney – really encouraged me to write a book on all the experiences that I’ve gone through in this quarter of a century. Shortly thereafter, I began to write. After two years of discerning, organizing and putting pen to paper, I submitted the publication to NCEA in the fall of 2015. Working with Margaret Kaplow, Public Relations manager for NCEA (who has been wonderful), we went through several drafts, and the final publication became available this month. The title is 25 Lessons Learned in 25+ Years in Catholic School Development.

At heart, I am a teacher and always have been. I got the teaching bug back when I was in the 8th grade at Sam Barthe School here in New Orleans. Sam used to ask me to “babysit” the 1st or 2nd grade classes when the teacher was running late. I still remember going into those classes and reading, playing games, and acting like I really was the teacher. I loved it, and the kids were a blast. I carried that vocation with me, majored in English, got the degrees, and taught in Catholic schools for 20+ years. Although I left the classroom in 1989 to start ISPD, I maintain that – as a consultant – I am still teaching.

I invite you to become a student of mine for the next 12 months – FREE.

After the introductory webinar (please see below) this month on April 21, 2016 at 10:00 AM CTD, beginning in May 2016, I will plan to offer a free webinar each month that will walk the attendees through the lessons of the book – approximately two lessons per webinar. Each presentation will be 45 minutes in length. Of course, to follow along, I highly recommend that you purchase the book from NCEA through their Publications Department. All proceeds go to NCEA.

If you receive this newsletter, then you will be able to register each month, and if this newsletter is being forwarded to you then you can always e-mail us, and we will be glad to send you the link to register. The webinar links to all twelve will be posted next week.

Here is the line-up:

Philosophy and Fundamentals of Catholic School Development

  • May 2016 Webinar
    • Promoting the Involvement of People as the Common Denominator of Your Catholic School Development Efforts
    •  Beginning Everything with Your Mission, Vision and Core Values
  • June 2016 Webinar
    • Continuing the Life and Viability of Your Catholic School with Outstanding Leadership
    • Building Community through Communication
  • July 2016 Webinar
    • Moving from Fund-Raising to True Catholic School Development
    • Believing and Promoting the Value of a “Customer Service” Culture in Your Catholic School
  • August 2016 Webinar 
    • Building Relationships with Your Catholic School Families
    • Promoting the Value of Faculty/Staff and Board Involvement in Catholic School Development

Processes and Structures to Advance Catholic Schools

  • September 2016 Webinar
    • Emphasizing the Value of the Development Core Team
    • Seeking Input from Your Constituents on a Consistent Basis
  • October 2016 Webinar
    • Assessing Your Development Efforts
    • Creating the Long-Range Strategic Plan for Your School
  • November 2016 Webinar
    • Setting up Your Development Director to Succeed
    • Creating a Master Plan for Your Fund-Raising Events
  • December 2016 Webinar
    • Promoting the Belief That Enrollment Management Is Everyone’s Responsibility
    • Understanding the Value of Your WOW!
  • January 2017 Webinar
    • Emphasizing the Importance of the Annual Fund
    • Emphasizing the Win-Win with Your Alumni(ae) Base
  • February 2017 Webinar
    • Stressing the Value and Use of Social Media
    • Creating a Culture of Giving
  • March 2017 Webinar
    • Creating the Written Strategic Plan for Development
    • Implementing the Proper Preparation and Organization for a Capital Campaign
  • April 2017 Webinar
    • Fueling Endowment Growth with Planned and Capital Gifts
    • Being Open to Change and Shifts in Thinking
  • May 2017 Webinar
    • Exploring New Sources of Revenue with a Proactive Stance
    • Parting Thoughts

Please join us as we share lessons that we have learned through the years –
what to do, what not to do, what language to use, what processes are working, what is changing and what is different and what has stayed the same, and of course – the value of passion and commitment to make it all work.

We look forward to having you in our webinar classroom. Please join us.

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