Institute for School & Parish Development (ISPD) is a national development consulting firm working exclusively with Catholic schools and parishes. We serve Catholic schools, parishes, and dioceses by helping them create and establish effective processes that engage people and invite resources from their community to assist their mission implementation. Thus, we assist Catholic Churches by helping revitalize ministries and strengthening institutions through planning, improving communications, increasing revenue generation, establishing continuous improvement, and instituting development, advancement, and stewardship processes.

Mission Statement

ISPD brings people, process and ministry together to help build the Kingdom of God.

ISPD Core Values

  • A commitment to our Catholic faith;
  • A commitment to exclusively serving Catholic institutions;
  • A commitment to integrity in our company culture;
  • A commitment to customized consulting and teaching;
  • A commitment to building teams;
  • A commitment to helping foster a belonging and affirming culture in Catholic institutions;
  • A commitment to meaningfully engaging people.


Established in 1989, ISPD is a national Catholic Development consulting firm headquartered in the New Orleans area. Our past and present clients, more than 5,000 Catholic schools, parishes, and dioceses across the country, have invited us to join their efforts to truly develop their institutions’ capacity to fulfill their mission. To highlight only one of ISPD’s services, ISPD has helped to generate tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

But we firmly believe that Catholic Development is more than just raising money. Development is building a strong base of individuals to become spiritual, organizational, and financial stewards of their Catholic schools, parishes, and dioceses. Meaningful engagement of school parents, alumni, parishioners, clergy, and religious – the entire Catholic community in other words – in supporting our Catholic institutions is essential to ensuring the long term viability of our ministries. At ISPD, our methodology is based upon the philosophy that development is the meaningful involvement of people in the mission and vision of our Catholic institutions.

ISPD is a proven consulting firm that relies upon over 25 years of experience delivering responsive services and resources to help Catholic institutions revitalize their ministries and strengthen their operations to help them fulfill their mission.