Institute of School & Parish Development, ISPD is a national development consulting firm working exclusively with Catholic schools and parishes. We find that one of the biggest frustrations Catholic institutions face when they’re ready to move forward with planning and development is finding a consulting firm with a proven track record of success — one that is Catholic in nature and one that defines development as more than just raising money.

A proven consulting firm relies upon years of experience and has the resources, methodology, and expertise to help Catholic schools and parishes reach their goals and fulfill their mission to build God’s Kingdom.  A successful firm emphasizes the development of people as the key to long term success. Catholic in nature, an experienced firm is able to integrate into your Catholic environment and fully understand the culture of your parish and/or school.

At ISPD, we address these issues by emphasizing our philosophy of development as the meaningful involvement of people in all phases of school and parish life. We have a successful track record based on more than 25 years of national experience with an exclusively Catholic clientele, plus our associates have been involved in the Catholic community all of their lives. All of our associates have past experience working in Catholic institutions as teachers, administrators, and/or development directors.  We understand that our parishes and our schools have major challenges, yet we feel there are creative solutions we can bring to all through our many services and products.