Overall Purpose and Focus

  • To meet the needs of Catholic schools and parishes (including our former clients) who could benefit from regular and consistent guidance and coaching in Catholic School & Parish Development/Advancement/Stewardship and Enrollment Management/Marketing, ISPD is now offering our new Executive Coaching Service.
  • This Service will provide coaching to Principals, Presidents, Pastors, Advancement/Development/Stewardship Directors, Enrollment Management/Marketing Directors, School Board/Parish Council Chairs and other Catholic school and parish leaders.

Delivery of Executive Coaching Service

  • This off-site/on-line Service will be made available through GoToMeeting, conference calls, one-on-one phone conversations, e-mails, and video conferencing.
  • The Service will provide up to five hours per month in direct conversation (via on-line and phone vehicles) with Frank Donaldson, President of ISPD.
  • Based upon 25+ years of working with Catholic schools throughout the country, Mr. Donaldson will walk schools and parishes through specific and successful Adv/Dev/EM/Stewardship strategies. Through weekly coaching and conversations, we will come to know your school and/or parish – your situation, your challenges, and your vision. We will offer “best practices” from Catholic schools and parishes throughout the country + ISPD’s knowledge and experience of working with hundreds of schools and parishes since 1989.
  • The following will be made available to each school/parish each month:
    • Phone conversations – individual and/or conference – regularly scheduled as well as on-call.
    • GoToMeeting with Power Point presentations and agendas
    • Video-conference when necessary
  • In addition, the following will also be made available – based upon the individual needs of a school/parish:
    • E-mail conversations
    • Exposure to ISPD’s library of thousands of resources – Power Points, videos, planning processes, agendas, surveys, letters, scripts, training booklets, checklists, etc. – all customized for your situation.


  • $425.00/month with a six month minimum requested – no expenses involved
  • Agreement can be cancelled at any time by either ISPD or the individual Catholic school/parish.

Next Steps

  • Step 1: Contact Frank Donaldson at fedonaldson@ispd.com or at 504.491.2122 for initial communication.
  • Step 2: ISPD will send you a Discovery Form to find out who will be involved in the coaching, in which areas you wish to concentrate, and what your key challenges are in Development/Advancement/Stewardship and/or Enrollment Management/Marketing.
  • Step 3: ISPD will send you a Letter of Agreement that states the simple terms of the coaching service.
  • Step 4: We will arrange our first official conversation.