January 2018 Newsletter

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CATHOLIC DEVELOPMENT RESOLUTIONS FOR THE NEW YEAR       Happy New Year! Hopefully, the 2017 holidays were a wonderful and blessed time for you and your family to grow closer, share stories, worship together, and get that well deserved “down time” that all of us need in order to charge the battery. Here’s wishing that […]

December 2017 Newsletter

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It was in the fall of 1996, traveling on a plane back to New Orleans from the west coast when I first got the idea to begin a series of stories about my childhood, adolescence, and young adult years. Sitting next to a child psychologist for over three hours, we discussed the fact that with […]

November 2017 Newsletter

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During the course of one year, ISPD will usually work with 20-25 Catholic institutions offering on-site consulting with visits on a regular and consistent basis. It is intensive work where we get to know many people in the community and actually have the opportunity to “rub shoulders” with hundreds of them. In addition to our […]

ISPD Releases NCEA Publication

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I became involved in Catholic School Development in 1987 – as a development director. That was close to 30 years ago. I didn’t plan on it; I didn’t seek out this ministry; I didn’t go to school to learn about it. It just happened, and it became a perfect fit. And so the last 25+ […]